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The Great Lakes Police Motorcycle Training Seminar provides 40 hours of training to motor-officers from across North America on various aspects of riding a motorcycle in a policing role.  This training is sought after as it not only encompasses skills required for safe and responsible motorcycle riding, but further, using these skills in the world of policing and the challenges it brings.  The GLPMTS provides the opportunity to not only learn new skills, but provides a safe location that allows motor-officers to practice and perfect these skills.  This is all under the guidance of some of the top motor-officer instructors from across Canada!  The learned skills are then demonstrated and evaluated in a scored 'competition' style format.

Some of the skills and practical exercises include the following

S.M.A.R.T Ride

Partner/Tether Ride

Challenge Ride

Slow Ride

Last Rider Standing

Numerous Individual Pattern Courses

Motor-Officer Inspection

Police Motor Officers

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