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The Great lakes Police Motorcycle Training Seminar is excited to announce 2024 will be the fifth year a civilian class will be open to the public. Police motorcycle seminars have recognized there is some serious skill and competition amongst the non-law enforcement riders.
For the 2024 event, Civilian Riders are expected to have previous competition experience or is sponsored by one of the GLPMTS committee member.  There will not be designated instructors for non-police riders, as there have been in the past. 
For those riders who are looking to improve their overall riding skills and become 'rodeo-ready', we encourage them to seek out one of the various motorcycle training courses available in their area.  Programs similar to those offered by Motorcycle Masters will help you become a better and safer rider.
If you haven't participated in motorcycle skills competition before and are curious what it involves, we encourage you to  stop by the event and have a look at the participants display their riding skills, and the various events offered. 
For more information and to register for the GLPMTS civilian event, register on the Homepage.
For information about receiving rider training, visit


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