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Partner Ride

Partner ride is an exciting ride of two motor officers attached together by a 36" break-away strap. The motorcycles will start in a box. When the front tire leaves the gate the timer will start. The riders will then complete three turns in a barrel race style formation and return to the box they started from. Once the rear tire exits the gate the timer will stop. The team with the quickest time wins. If the tether breaks the run time will not count. Competitive officers will ride so close and quick that components of their motorcycles may come into contact with each other.

Follow The Leader Ride

Follow the leader is a precision race through two cone patterns. Two motor officers will start in a box. The first motor officer will exit the box starting the timer, followed by the second officer. they will complete the first cone pattern together then switching positions before entering the second pattern. Once both patterns are completed they will return to the box stopping the timer when the second officer's rear tire crosses the gate. Points will be deducted if they touch a cone, put a foot down or drop the motorcycle.

Special Multi Agency Random Team Ride (S.M.A.R.T)

The S.M.A.R.T ride is a team of four motor officers chosen at random from different police agencies. Like our other team courses, this is a timed event. Once the first motorcycle enters the course the timer starts. The team must complete four tight circle in the course and exit without touching a cone, putting a foot down or dropping the bike. This is similar to the follow the leader  with the twist of having four officers in at once and the officers will change lead positions at the start of each circle pattern. This demonstrates the importance of multi agencies training together to ensure motor officers can ride together in a professional and uniform manor. 

Slow Ride

The Slow Ride tests the riders balance and patience. The Motor Officer must use extreme focus and remain calm while the motorcycle is navigated through a defined area as slow as possible without touching a cone, putting a foot down or dropping the motorcycle. This course has varied year from year. Some years the rider will enter the course and must choose to make a 180 turn to the left or to the right. Other years the rider would have to navigate through a series of obstacles. The timer starts when the front tire enters the gate and stops when the rear tire exits the gate.

Challenge Course

The notorious retired Toronto Police Inspector Andy Norrie has provided exciting challenge courses for the Great Lakes Police Motorcycle Training Seminar for years. This course can be made up of teeter totters, board riding, breakless turns or anything that can be conjured up in Norrie's mind.  Riders will only have one attempt to ride this course to achieve the quickest time without touching a cone, putting a foot down or dropping the bike. This course prepares motor officers for the real world unexpected hazards that are on the roads during their tour of duty.

Last Rider Standing

Last Rider Standing is as exhilarating to watch as it is to compete in. This course puts riders head to head, or tire to tire in an arena with several obstacles strung through out the riding area. The motor officers must cause their component to put a foot down, hit an obstacle or leave the arena area. The last officer riding is crowned champion of the last rider standing!


The Skills courses are a series of challenging cone patterns that test the riders ability to make tight turns and quick transitions. These patterns come in two sizes; Large- Novice, and Tight- Intermediate, Expert and Elite.

Motor Officer Inspection

A motor officer is a symbol of the professional rider and a representative of the community they serve. The motor officer inspection is a judged inspection on the officers motor unit and the motor officers attire. 

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