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Waterloo Regional Police Service


On behalf of the G.L.P.M.T.S. Committee members and my Co-Chair Cst. Kyle Hofstetter, I wanted to say thank you to everyone involved in making the 2021 event a success.  Through generous sponsorships and hardworking volunteers, despite restrictions from COVID 19, we were able to raise over $25,000 while providing police and civilian riders with the opportunity to develop their skills.   
This year’s event presented a number of challenges, including the presentation of awards immediately following the event at trackside.  Unfortunately some scoring errors occurred and were not noticed until after the awards were given out.  Although winning an award is not why riders attend the event, being recognized for their hard work and achievements is important.

As committee chair I believe that accuracy and accountability is important. As such I have worked with our team to ensure that our results are accurate.  The final scoring break down has now been posted on our website.  Any affected riders have been contacted to make arrangements to correct the awards.  Regardless of the results one thing is for certain, every participant left the event a better rider than when they arrived!
For over 20 years the G.L.P.M.T.S. has helped make our roads safer by providing vital skills to motorcycle riders while also supporting the Ontario Police Memorial, and local community groups through charitable donation. 
The Waterloo Regional Police Service and Chief Bryan Larkin remain committed to the G.L.P.M.T.S. and were honored to be the Host Service for this event.
The G.L.P.M.T.S. will be releasing details on the 2022 event later this fall. I look forward to seeing everyone again next year.
Thank you,
Sgt. Byron Harding – Event Chair

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