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The GLPMTS offers a unique and essential training opportunity that provides motorcycle riders with the skills and knowledge to safely operate motorcycles. This is especially important for police motorcycle officers during the course of their duties. The seminar allows officers from across North America to come together to train and learn in a safe and encouraging environment. 

Seminar goals include:

  • Establish and promote safe motorcycle riding skills within the police community

  • Promote awareness of the police motorcycle officer in the public arena as a safe, responsible motorcycle rider

  • Establish a cohesive fraternity and encourage kinship in the law enforcement motorcycle community

  • Support local and regional charities affiliated with the police community

For over 20 years the seminar has provided this vital training while raising tens of thousands of dollars for charity.  

Planning for 2023 is well underway. 


We are excited to announce plans are underway for another four day training seminar this year!  We are still finalizing the host, BUT the event will AGAIN be happening at the 407 ETR compound (same location as 2022)!  New challenging courses are already being designed along with a bunch of other FUN things!


The training track and host hotels are all within a short distance of Highways 407 ETR and 427.    Details will continue to be released in the upcoming months in regards to the event, so keep checking in!

London Ontario

August 14-17, 2024

Training Motor Officers Since 1999 


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